2019 - Teacher - handbuilding with clay - East Side Pot Shop, Austin, TX

2019 - Workshop instructor at Facebook - Austin, TX

2019 - Present Fabricator at Blue Genie Art Industries, Austin, TX

2018 - Different Flowers - Exhibition - Martha’s Contemporary - Austin, TX

2018 - internship; 3D specialist at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO

2018         Recipient of Steve Grosskopf Endowed Scholarship in Studio Art

2018         MASS Plus One - Exhibition - MASS Gallery, Austin, TX

2016 - 2017    Rainwater Innovation Grant - design 3D printed six string electric violin - Artistic director

2016        UT News - A Six String Violin? - publication - The University of Texas at Austin

2017         Recipient of the Windgate Fund Scholarship

2017         Fellowship Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Windgate Fund Scholarship, Snowmass, CO      

2017         East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2017         CHAIRS by Wares - Exhibition - Austin, TX

2017         Domestic Artnership - Exhibition - The Dude Ranch, Austin, TX

2017        Research Week at The University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX

2017        A Tribute to Fragmentation: a Joan Jonas inspired show - Exhibition - Royal Street Co-Op, Austin, TX

2016        First Opening - Exhibition -Activation Space - 234 W. 2nd St., Austin, TX

2016        Creative 40 Acres Regents Award for Visual Art - First place in 3D -  The University of Texas at                             Austin

2016        Recipient of Marshall F. Wells Scholarship and Fellowship Endowment

2016        Ox-Bow School of Art, Marshall F. Wells Scholarship and Fellowship Endowment, Saugatuck, MI

2015         East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2015        BLOW OUT Printmaking Show - College of Fine Arts, The University of Texas at Austin

2014        MUD Magazine - publication - Houston, TX

2014         As Though Art Show - Exhibition - Bea Ying Projects - Houston, TX

2013         Venus Renatus - Exhibition - Willendorf Studios  - Houston, TX


Skill sets

Mold-making: silicon, plaster, slip-casting molds, etc. 

Casting: foundry casting metals, ceramic slip casting, plastics, resins, wax, and other materials 

Welding: MIG, TIG, Oxy-Acetaline 

Ceramics: slab building, coil building, wheel throwing, kiln operations, glaze mixing 

Woodworking and construction 

3D Printing 


Printmaking: lithography, intaglio, block printing